Our Current Programs:

Projects are selected based upon need, location and recommendations from local government, individuals and other NGO's working in Thailand.

Grants are made annually and in person by Foundation Board Members. Schools receiving grants from GHF are required to keep detailed financial records of fund disbursement to each sponsored student. GHF members review and inspect these financial records annually. 

 The Foundation currently supports the following programs: 

  • The NonThaiKuruuppathump2 School, Korat (72 student scholarships)042_42.jpg
  • Boonlauwithayanusorn2 School, Korat (68 student scholarships)
  • Khamtalesorwittaya School, Korat (55 student scholarships)
  • Prathongkhamwittaya School, Korat (20 student scholarships)
  • Thung Pho Wittaya School, Phangnga (20 student scholarships)
  • Banrai Lampang School, Lampang (14 scholarships)
  • Tungfang Wittaya School, Lampang (21 student scholarships)
  • Pongluangwittaya School, Lampang (30 student scholarships)     051_51.jpg
  • Ban Huaynamkem Wittiya School (donation of 20,000 thai baht)
  • University Scholarships  (currently 7 sponsored students)
  • Phyathai Babies Home, Bangkok (annual donation of $1000 to help support 250+ orphans)                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    thailand-trip-jan-2010-094.jpg