The Foundation's defined contributions program has given hope and resources to many Thai children. Since it's inception GHF has helped thousands of Thai students complete their studies. Below are some typical comments from our students:

“Because of your donation I have a good chance to study and better life. I promise that I will try to get my result better and better. Thank you Mr. Lou and Mr. Andy very much.”

  -Patcharin Yajit, student age 16

“Your scholarship is my light which lead me to a good way. I want to be a nurse so I can treat sick people. I don’t know what to say except I thank you for your kindness.”

  -Jutamas Perngkuntod, student age 15


“I’m very happy to have a chance to get your scholarship. I used to be very, very hopeless about my studies because my family is poor. With the money from you it makes me happy and proud and I’ll try hard to make my dream come true.”

  -Krissana Thornsuntia, student age 14