The current Board of Directors is comprised of the following very committed and focused individuals:
  • Lou Gallipeau (Chairman of the Board & Treasurer)  
  • Andy Harris (President & Executive Director)    
  • Richard Kuzmich (Senior Vice President)thailand trip jan 2010 090.jpg
  • Amara Gumnerdgnam (Vice President)
  • Chiraporn Chotikabukkana (Director of University Programs)
  • Byung Won Park (Board Member))
  • Lawrence Chan (Board Member)
The board members all provide their time and expertise voluntarily to the Foundation. None are compensated for their efforts. The Board is supported by a number of important associates, who also donate their time, including:
  • John Chaney - Director & Founder Member of GHF
  • Wes Lovelace (CPA) - GHF Accountant
  • Daorit Thongnim - Foundation Attorney
  • KS Yoon - Director
  • Dr Apinya Narongoon – Academic Advisor
  • David and Bui Rubin - Academic Advisors
  • Svetlana Kostromitina - Corporate Advisor
  • Brent O'Bell, Fundraiser, Hua Hin, Thailand
  • Soavanee Weeramaytangkoon, Bangkok, Thailand
  • Nalin Wanasuphoprasit, Bangkok, Thailand



GHF raises funds via donations by friends and family, grants, corporate sponsorship and special fundraising events, including annual golf events held in Thailand, China, Korea and the U.S. In 2013 the Foundation will provide more than $50,000 in contributions and grants. Administrative and fundraising expenses are less than 10% of our funds raised (this includes fees for incorporation and fees for filing with the IRS). The Foundation does not reimburse board members for their time and reimburses limited expenses for costs incurred on behalf of GHF, including travel to Thailand.