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GHF currently provides over 280 scholarships for economically disadvantaged, bright students in 8 schools throughout Thailand. We also currently support 13 University Students with financial scholarships.

Many of our students are extremely poor and work hard to overcome tough conditions to succeed in school and in life. The following is an example of one of our remarkable students succeeding against all odds with the help of GHF and our donors.

Student: Ampha Kabunruang, student at Ponglung Wittaya School, Lampang, Thailand

Her Story

Ampha Kabunruang is a 12th Grade high school student in Ponglung Wittaya School, Lampang in Northern Thailand. Her Father died 12 years ago of AIDS and her Mother is also an AIDS patient who struggles to work. Ampha is the sole provider for her family that also includes her Grandmother. Ampha has to work a number of jobs in addition to her studies to support the household. Jobs that include cooking, cleaning and working in the fields. She has even baked goods to take to school to sell the teachers and other pupils. Despite this, Ampha consistently maintains a GPA greater than 3.0.

GHF has provided a student scholarship for Ampha since 10th Grade. Her scholarship has enabled Ampha to stay in school and pursue her studies in spite of severe economic hardship. Without financial support Ampha would probably have to leave school to work full-time to support her family.


Her teachers say Ampha is determined, hard working and very friendly .Ampha’s goal is to graduate High School and go on to University so she can earn more money in the future and continue to take care of her family. Her motto is: “Be strong and have purpose in life”

GHF is very pleased to be able to help such a worthy student as Ampha. We look forward to her graduating high school and going on to pursue bigger and better things for her and her family in the future.

The Mission of The Gallipeau Harris Foundation is to provide educational opportunities and resources for poor, underprivileged children in Thailand. The Foundation strives to be a recognized leader in empowering and helping the youth of Thailand achieve their dreams through education and learning.