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The GHF is pleased to report that the teachers supported by The Foundation have achieved great success at their respective schools in Phangnga, Southern Thailand.

Ms. Puangpaka Pitak, teaches Information Technology to second and third grade students at Muang Phangnga School. Ms Pitak has been supported and employed at the school for the last 18 months by GHF. The school and students are now seeing the results of her efforts.
Students at Muang Phangng School

In recent District level competitions for Computer Knowledge and Skills four students received awards for outstanding performance. One student, Ms Wiyada Jumpathong, went on to earn an outstanding designation at the Provincial level competition.
Andy Harris, Ms Pitak and one of her outstanding students.

On a recent visit to meet with Ms Pitak, GHF members found the students and Director of Muang Phangnga School very pleased that Ms Pitak is, with Foundation support, able to work at the school. Ms Pitak is making a huge difference in the lives of her students and GHF is extremely proud of her success.

Ms Pitak is also very grateful for the support, saying:
“I want to express my appreciation to you for giving me this opportunity to teach our students here. As a representative of all the teachers and staff of Muang Phangnga School, I want to tell you how much they appreciate the educational opportunity you have provided for the school.”

At at Dibuk Phangnga Witiyayon School, a large High School near the town center of Phangnga, Computer Teacher Mr. Ajarn Jamnon is achieving similar success. Only 25 years old, Jamnon turned down a lucrative career in Bangkok to return to his home area to teach.
Jamnon accompanied students from Dibuk Phangnga Witiyayon School to a
competition of computer skills. Mr. Sujit won the first place prize in the
category of “Computer Assembly.”
His command of the subject is superb and he is frequently asked to instruct other teachers and give training seminars to area schools. His students have done tremendously well since Jamnon arrived at the school two years ago, winning many local and regional awards for their work.

GHF took over sponsorship of Jamnon when his initial funding ran out. We are very impressed with his efforts and look forward to continuing our support for many years.