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2007 marked the 5th year of scholarship awards for The Gallipeau Harris Foundation. From an initial class of 52 in 2003, The GH Foundation now has a total of 233 high school students and nine university students under scholarship in five schools and six universities throughout Thailand.

Students in Lampang receive scholarships

For two weeks in March, Foundation Board Members, Amara Gumnerdgam, Lou Gallipeau and Richard Kuzmich visited the schools the Foundation supports in Central and Northern Thailand. During these visits the Board members met with students, parents and teachers and presented scholarship awards.

“Seeing the students really makes the program come to life”, said Mr. Kuzmich, visiting the schools for the second time. “It was really interesting talking with the graduating students and hearing their plans for the future”.   This was the second year students in the scholarship program were graduating from High School. Graduating students received a certificate, a pen and small financial award.      

This year The Foundation is supporting 233 students in High School, up from 212 in 2006. 191 students are in the Korat area, Central Thailand and 42 in Lampang, Northern Thailand.

Scholarship student, Min, with her mother and brother in their one room home.

Additionally this year The Foundation continues a new program started in 2006 for graduating students. Nine (9) of the brightest students were provided with scholarships for further education at University and College. Three students from each school in Korat make up the nine University students.

Students receive their scholarships in Lampang.

Foundation members also took time to visit a number of students and their families at home.  “Seeing their homes makes you really see how hard it is for them to do their homework and still help around their house. Some only had one room where the family lived and where the student did their homework. Seeing their homes really makes us want to do more in the future to help additional students”, remarked Mr. Kuzmich.

Scholarship student, Min, with her mother and brother in their one room home.